Hi, my name is Liam!

I am 12 months old and now I can stand by myself but still like to hold my teacher’s hand when walking and climbing up the stairs. These days I realized I can get ready to go play outside, I can take off my shoes and socks, that is so exciding! I love my friends, playing with them and showing and giving them toys.  I like to look at the pictures in books, however I still don’t know what is that funny black think underneath. I like talking my own language but everyone can understand when I say “NO”, and I say that a lot. Although I still need lots of help from my teachers, I stand strong about the activities that I love to do.

At Kittens’ Mittens Child Care this is what I do with my friends:


Kittens' Mittens is a child care provider with focusing curriculum on a child's positive experiences through play, exploring and experimenting. We offer full and part-time child care programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartens.


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