Hello, I am Nina and I am 2!

I love to play outside and run, now I can even pedal a tricycle. Now, I talk a lot and teachers can understand me, I love asking some simple questions. Although I know lots of words, my favourite one is still “NO” when being told what to do. My teachers are amazing, I like when they are reading and telling stories, and I love to sing and dance with them and my friends. I now know where all the blocks and toys are kept but I usually play alone because I don’t like sharing. I really like the things the way I want them!

My activities at Kittens’ Mittens Child Care:


Kittens' Mittens is a child care provider with focusing curriculum on a child's positive experiences through play, exploring and experimenting. We offer full and part-time child care programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartens.


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